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1. Q: What does it cost to register with PeoplePrime\PeopleTemp?
A: No fees are charged to register with us. pls go online to register
2. Q: What is the minimum number of years required in any of your areas of specialization?
A: At least a year of related work experience (min NYSC)
3. Q: If my qualifications relate to any of these areas, however I have no related work experience, do I still qualify?
A: please go ahead and apply if you meet the job specs
4. Q: How long does it take to receive a feedback from PeoplePrime\PeopleTemp?
A: As much as we endeavor to place all suitable candidates, there are no guarantees for placements.  We will contact you if and when you are short- listed for a possible job opportunity.
5. Q: If I don't hear from PeoplePrime, can I submit my CV again?
A: No. your profile is always on the portal as needed
6. Q: Can I call PeoplePrime\PeopleTemp for a follow up?
A: No. We will contact you if you have been short-listed for a job opportunity.
7. Q: What if PeoplePrime\PeopleTemp losses my records?
A: We have adequate back up procedures to ensure records are properly kept.
8. Q: Is PeoplePrime\PeopleTemp only into permanent placement?
A: No, we offer several other services. PeopleTemp deals with temporary and contract placements.
9. Q: I have sent my CV online; can I drop it at your office again?
A: No. We prefer that CVs are sent through our webportal
10. Q: Do I sit for tests?
A: Only when the client requires us to do this.
11. Q: If I don't pass the test, do I have another chance?
A: No, you can only be tested once.


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