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Executive Search & Selection

Every company wants to attract the brightest and the best. But more often than not, the brightest and best are already employed in well-compensated jobs at first rate firms. This makes it extremely difficult to find top talent to lead and shape the growth of your company.

PeoplePrime  offers world class executive search and selection services. We help companies maximize the returns on the costly investment in executive recruitment. As one of worth leading firms in this specialized area of recruitment, we boast:

  • Highly completion rates.

  • Depth of experience and expertise.

  • Rich database and extensive contacts.

  • Assessment tools and techniques that allow us to identify important personality and leadership traits in addition to technical ability.

  • Unique emphasis on fitting the candidate to the culture of the company.

Headhunting is a sensitive mission. PeoplePrime handles all briefs with discretion, respecting the confidentiality of both sides. We also ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the employer’s objectives, expectations and vision before we set out on the search.

PeoplePrime assists companies to:

  • Gather intelligence on likely candidates.

  • Design a top-notch attraction strategy.

  • Sell your company to high-demand candidates.

  • Define job parameters.

  • Structure and negotiate compensation packages.
We look forward to helping you search for and select your company’s next generation of talent.

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