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Employers. Jobs. Employees. One convenient location.

Modern workers face the challenges of rapid technological change, new business practices and the increasing need to keep pace with the rest of the world. PeoplePrime is poised to guide professionals and job seekers through this dynamic and constantly evolving world of work.

We treat job seekers with the respect that many firms reserve solely for clients. We recognize that the strength of our business depends largely on the strength of the candidates we offer to clients. PeoplePrime will be your partner in building and growing your career, helping you to always present the best version of yourself.

We offer:

  • Courses and seminars on essential topics such as preparation of resumes, writing cover letters, interview skills, job search tips, internet search skills etc.
  • Receptive and responsive counselors that will nurture your potential into performance.
  • Market Intelligence - We know what obtains in the market in terms of salary, benefits, progression prospects and job functions.
  • Objective assessment tools to guide you to the right positions that suit your personality, strengths, interests and experience. We have assessments that can assist you at all levels of your career (young graduates to Executives) to assess your ability/aptitude, personality, management and leadership styles.

With our SHL partnership, we have over 250 tools available for us to use for you…..please contact our Objective Assessment team should you require any of the above services.

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